The Glossary of Yaoiville Roleplay

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The Glossary of Yaoiville Roleplay

Post by Nephinasan on Mon Aug 10, 2015 4:52 pm

  • Yaoi-male on male pairings

  • Yuri- female on female pairings

  • Rp- roleplay

  • OC- original character

  • AU- Alternate Universe. Used to signify that whatever is taking place is happeneing in another dimension/universe.

  • Canon- In rp this refers to any rp content, characters, setting, etc., that preexists in any form of media.

  • OTP- One True Pairing. A couple that you reeeeally enjoy and think are meant to be.

  • RL/IRL- Real Life or In Real Life. Referencing things outside roleplay in your life

  • OOC- Out Of Character.

  • Oneliner- 2-4 sentence responses

  • Para- 1-2 short paragraph responses

  • Multi-para- 3 or more full paragraph responses

  • God-Mod (GM)- The person either uses and all powerful character or tries to control the other person's character. (This is a major no no.)

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